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This enrollment form is applicable only for Taxpayers who provide Taxable Services. For Withholding Agents please use
 e-Signup form
(For a taxpayer who already has “Login ID” of eFBR Portal)
  • Click on e-Enrolment : Enter NTN & Image Character (please Make sure that your email ID & Mobile phone # as registered at FBR are valid).
  • Login at eFBR (you will be automatically redirected to eFBR).
  • Confirm copying of your particulars from eFBR to eSRB.
  • Go to eSRB (pass code & activation code will be sent on email & mobile phone through SMS).
  • Activate your enrolment at eSRB by clicking "enrolment activation" option under e-Enrolment.
  • Enter new password and PIN code.
  • For further details and guidance click here.
Please click e-Enrolment for creating your User-ID at eSRB for e-Filing of Returns & making Tax Payments
File the tax returns and Pay the Taxes timely to avoid legal implications!
NEWS: Please abide by the law & rules and get enrolled and pay your monthly Sales Tax on Services provided and rendered in Sindh, in the Head of Account # B-02384, Government of Sindh.                The tax payments of Sales Tax on Service shall be made by 15th of every month, and Sales Tax Return shall be filed online by 18th of every month for the relevant tax period.                STRIVe System has been implemented in SRB with Goods Invoices Verification.
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