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Direct Debit

Direct Debit Service For SRB

1. Taxpayer should have an active bank account with any online branch of, National Bank of Pakistan and a valid Digital Certificate (purchased from NIFT) installed on their computer, in order to avail the Direct Debit Facility for ePayments on the eSRB portal.

2. Taxpayer will login to with their provided user id and password.

3. In order to activate their bank account, the taxpayer first needs to add the relevant bank account information in their registration profile as shown below:

4. After adding the bank account information in their registration profile, the same bank account will become available in the “Create DDA for NBP” which can be accessed from the ePayments menu as shown below:

5. Upon clicking “Create DDA for NBP” link system will show all NBP bank accounts and their status regarding Direct Debit Authorities.

Note the following status links will be available for generating and activating their account:

a. Generate: This status shows that taxpayer has yet to generate their Direct Debit

Authority Letter against the relevant account.

b. Activate: This status shows that taxpayer has generated their Direct Debit Authority letter and the relevant account needs to be activated.

c. View: This status shows that taxpayer has successfully activated the relevant account for

Direct Debit.

6. After the taxpayer clicks on the Generate status link, the screen below will appear:

7. The taxpayer will provide their Mobile Number and PIN code, after clicking the “Generate” button (shown in the screen above), the system will generate the Direct Debit Authority Letter in PDF format as shown in the screen below:


8. The taxpayer will print this authority letter and present it to their NBP branch (where his account exists).

9. The NBP Branch will provide the taxpayer with their Activation Code.

10. After getting the activation code, the user will again navigate to the “Create DDA for NBP” link and click the “Activate” status link against the relevant account, in order to activate Direct Debit authority. The screen below shall appear:

11. The taxpayer will enter the following required information and press “Activate” button.

a. Activation Code (Provided by NBP)

b. Permitted Amount (Maximum amount for which user can make single transaction)

c. Agreement No. (Printed on Direct Debit Authority Letter)

d. PIN Code

The System will validate the information and upon successful validation, Direct Debit Authority against relevant account will be activated.

12. The taxpayer will go to the payment creation screen in order to make payment with direct debit payment mode.

13. After giving all the payment particulars, the taxpayer will select “Direct Debit” as payment mode

and after entering the required amount, the user will select the account number from the list of accounts with active Direct Debit Authorities as shown below:

14. To create the payment, the taxpayer will then click on the “Create” button, and the screen below will be shown:

15. The taxpayer will have two option for payment “Immediate Payment” and “Schedule Payment” as shown in the screen above. Immediate payment (selected by default), will be processed immediately however scheduled payment will be processed on a future date (as selected by the user).

16. After providing their PIN code, the taxpayer will click the “Confirm” button and a PSID will be created.

17. The taxpayer can check the status of this payment from Advance Search.

18. A Direct Debit payment can have the following statuses:

a. Receive status shows that payment has been received successfully by NBP.
b. Pending Status shows that the payment has not been received by NBP.
c. Confirm Status shows that the payment has been confirmed by NBP.
d. Rejected status shows that the payment has been rejected by NBP.

From : I01-ESRB-PRD01 , TO: I01-ESRB-PRD01