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How to e-Register

Step 01: Website Visit

  • To register yourself at eSRB Portal, please visit:
    • click on "e-Registration"
    • Click on "New e-Registration"

Step 02: Enter Your NTN

2.1 If You Already Have NTN

  • Please enter your NTN
  • The system will automatically show your registration particulars as in FBR.
  • Enter image character and press OK
  • A registration Form will appear (Taxpayer Registration Form)
  • Form will show pre-filled your particulars as recorded in FBR.
  • First Section of form is "Registry"
    • Please enter your registration particulars in this section.
  • Agent Particulars u/s 67
    • Enter particulars of your representation.
  • Save Registry
    • Save your particulars and move to other sections to complete form.
  • Directors / Shareholders particulars
    • Please provide Directors/ Shareholders particulars.
  • Add Other Activities
    • If you have any other activity/activities other than principal please give details.
  • Business / Branches
    • If you operate from more than one location through Businesses/Branches or outlets, please give details of all.
  • Add Bank Account
    • Add your bank account.
  • Declaration
    • Formally declare that information given is correct and complete.
  • Official Area
    • This is official section and shows USER ID allotted to you and Tax Office.
  • Save
    • Save you form.
    • You can make changes if necessary, save again after making changes.
  • Verification of Application
    • After completing your form click on "Verify Application".
    • A pop up window will ask for verification.
    • Enter required information (CNIC/NTN/PP) to verify your application.


  • Submit Your application
    • After verification click on "Submit Application".
    • After successful submission you will be allotted USER ID and PASSWORD through Email/SMS.
    • Please e-enroll to activate your account and avail all facilities provided by SRB.


2.2 Have NTN But No Record Found

  • If you have NTN but when you enter your NTN the error reports as "No Taxpayer Found"
    • Please make sure that you have entered the correct NTN and Check digit.
    • If NTN and its check digit is correct and still message appears "No Taxpayer Found for This NTN", please email your particulars to [ ] as follow:
      • Subject of email: Add NTN in database
      • NTN
      • Business Name
      • Service Category
    • The support officer will forward your application and will reply you through email when done.


2.3 If You Does Not Have NTN

  • SRB will allot you a Provisional Registration Certificate which will be valid for thirty days or until NTN is issued to you by FBR.
  • You will enjoy all facilities as provided to other taxpayers who have NTN during your provisional registration.
  • In case the NTN could not be issued to you within thirty days, your registration at SRB will be cancelled and informed to you through e-mail.
From : I01-ESRB-PRD02 , TO: I01-ESRB-PRD02